Rahal Eks is an inclusive Sufi teacher with a mixed Egyptian and Italian ethnic background. He was born in Egypt and grew up in Germany. His first encounter with the Sufi Tradition took place when he moved to Spain, as a young queer man, and read the classic book “The Sufis” by Idries Shah. This impacted on the very course of his emerging nomadic lifestyle and his passionate quest for higher knowledge and transformative love.  Many years later, in the United Kingdom, Rahal was initiated into the Nimatullahi Sufi Order. Later, while based in Morocco, he met a Naqshbandi Master in Spain and was accepted as a student. Rahal was also taken on and trained by a Chishti teacher in Germany, with whom he completed his Sufi training. Rahal has had a chance to teach in Morocco, Turkey, France, Spain, Germany, and the United States. In the book “On the Path of The Friend” he recounts his experiences as a Sufi.

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